Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Ode to Bev!

When called on to add my birthday greetings,
to a gal we've all learned to love with first meetings,
no way could I miss out, and I have a hunch,
that I'll be right on time for her birthday lunch!

I know, it's not a cake... but, truly,
what does it matter? 
If it's fresh and yummy, pasta or batter?
As I slurped the last bite, and my face is all splattered,
I'm thankful for tomatoes, as cake makes me fatter!!
You've supported so many with sweet comments read greedily,
Bev, we all want to say how we appreciate it - really!
If we ever are lucky to cross that Big Lake, I promise to make you
a big chocolate cake!
Lots of hugs, and wishes for the best birthday
a girl could ask for!!


Bobby said...

Pasta? or Batter? I'm sorry, Michele, but I'll take the latter. Who knew you were a poet. I'm sure Bev will get a big kick out of it.

Ardyth said...

LOL! NOW I know what you meant in your comment on my blog! Love this - that looks delish - recipe, please?

Anita in France said...

I'll take some, Michele ... pasta please! This looks so yummy and delicious ... a rather elegant birthday lunch! Anita :)

donna mikasa said...

I had to come and see for myself if that thumbnail in the inLInkz was really a pasta dish!
That, and your ode to Bev is so fun and creative! And now I want pasta for dinner....

Kim Heggins said...

Wow...I love it and I will take the pasta, it looks so yummy.

~amy~ said...


Marybeth said...

Oh , great now I want that for lunch! Love it!