Wednesday, January 29, 2020

MFT #134 if at first you don't succeed...

… try again!  It could be another example when the exact colors aren't available … but effort [and cute] should count, right?  LOL  Meet 'the guard Cat' for MFTCC134!

IRL this would be Tom... and I'd be wearing
the Dark Teal bow!
[see what I did there?]
Seems those Mousies had quite a night from the look of their tell-tale trails!

Okay.  I am off to see if I can work some wizardry to get my card into the gallery... I've had quite a week of computer issues, and glitches with InLinx!  Anyone else?

=]  Michele

MFT I Knead You stamps, and dies
MFT Elegant Rectangle Stax
MFT Whimsical Waves BG
MFT Dots & Stripes Neutrals 6x6


Marcia Hill said...

Your colors look perfect to me and CUTE should definitely count as that's exactly what this card is!! You and Tom definitely make a cute couple here!! Hugs. :0)

Cat Craig said...

Darling card, the mice are so cute getting by that napping cat.

donna mikasa said...

Well, look at your Tom cat! LOL! So fun, Michele! And that's a lot of MFT on your card. LOVE it!!

conil said...

Aaaw, what a darling scene and your colors are right on. I agree, those mice have had a little too much fun. No InLinx issues just my normal ham-handed techno stuff.

Joyce said...

This is so adorable, and I love how you used those pretty colors.

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Dotty Jo said...

Adorable card! Jo x

lostinpaper said...

So far no glitches for me... I think that I had all mine before Christmas (just when I had the time to deal with them, not) ps Guard cat is the cutest!

Happy Dance said...

Been working on DT stuff, so haven't tried to upload anything as of yet. Hopefully there won't be any troubles... Adorable kitties! Love the colors and the 'floor' you've created. And of course, polka dots! No snow today so you should be good. xo Bev

Patti said...

This is so stinking cute!! I have also had multiple computer headaches this week but the results were not nearly as crisp and clean and adorables!! as you achieved.

Lisa Elton said...

That's a might sleepy little Tom cat you have there, things must be busy in the lab!! Cute most definitely counts in my book and this has lots of it!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Aww! This is so smile-inducingly adorable. Fabulous kitty themed card.

♥ Autumn

LeAnne said...

Oh my goodness! These little kitties and their friends are just the cutest ever! I love the patterns and papers...and I think you nailed the colors too!

Karen Dunbrook said...

super cute mf....I hate when my computer acts up and I'm so illiterate at fixing all the issues.
Good luck.
xx Karen

Jeanne said...

Oh my cuteness! This adorable, Michele. I admire your creative spirit so much. I'm sorry you are having computer issues. I hope they soon go away and you can be merrily on your way again. Hugs!

Bonnie said...

This is adorable, Michele! Looks like those mice had a good time! I see all the colors here.

cm said...

Echoing the others: your kitties and mousies are exceedingly adorable! As I mentioned on IG: your imagination is second to none! So creative, inspired and inspiring! Can you send some of your mojo my way, please!

nancy littrell said...

Adorable critters and LOVE your color combo. Perfect for your CAS style, Michele. TFS Hugs..Nancy

Vikki H said...

Those mice deserve a rest with Tom seeing all their trails!! Adorable scene and fits the challenge well.

Barb Ghig said...

Absolutely, positively darling scene, Michele! You definitely nailed it with the color palette, my friend...I adore this card!

JulieP said...

It's darling! I love their color palette this time around. I really need to get back into their challenges.

Linda Callahan said...

purrrr..fect! Adorble kitties! In my house I'd be the sleeper!

TK said...

Very adorable, Michele, but that's what we expect from you :o) Grays and teals, colors to melt my heart. As for InLinx, not even sure what that is unless it's the linky tool... can't say as I had any issues with the 2 cards I did

Anita in France said...

Well, aren't you the cutest couple, Michele ... and you look especially sweet in your dark teal bow!! Wonderful scene ... so fun! Hugs, Anita :)

Ivana Camdzic said...

Effort and cuteness always count!! And this has cuteness out the wa-zoo! So so so sweet, Michele!

Mac Mable said...

Wonderful colour combination and a fabulous design on your adorable card Michele x. Hope the computer problems are sorted? x

Brenda said...

Looks like you nailed the color combo to me Michele! I love this color combo and I am so loving your cute, cute card. It had me smiling from ear to ear seeing all those mice tracks and the sleeping Tom, I mean kitty! But it is the express of you, I mean the other kitty that cracks me up. Love the papers you used and again the color combo looks to me is spot on! Hope your computer issues and InLinx issues are cleared up soon. Hugs, Brenda

Papercraft Boutique said...

What a darling scene you created, Michele!
Love the color combo (You nailed it!) with the polka dot pattern and the clever use of the elegant rectangle STAX dies.
Hideko xx

Ros Crawford said...

Fun and definitely fabulous!! You used those colours to perfection to create this terrific scene!

Bobby said...

No detail left undone. This is incredibly designed and as cute as a ....well kitten, Michele.

Loll said...

DARLING! Love the images, the design and the mix of papers. And the colours are just perfect for your design. Great work Michele! :) xx