Friday, August 19, 2022

Doodlebugs Friday!

Everything's coming up ROSES over at the Doodlebugs Blog today!  And you don't even need to bring your snippers or gloves!!  A little peek?

=] Michele


Bonnie said...

Two awesome cards using this set, Michele! Love both colors and especially love the fact they don't have thorns! (I say this after cutting back a rose bush last weekend. Those roses definitely have thorns!)

Leslie Miller said...

You have been creating beauty this week, for certain!

Lisa Elton said...

No thorns... count me in! Off for a peek!

Tracey McNeely said...

Left you some love at DoodleBugs!

Papercraft Boutique said...

Both cards are beautiful, Michele! I have a thing for purple, so the first card stole my heart. :-)
The cover plate background, the color-matching your beauty!
Hideko xx