Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Perhaps you're missing a little something?

In your stash, that is!  Here's a little something that might help you out with that wish list ...

Read the fine print.  Don't forget the code.  There is a time limit … go!!  

=]  Michele


marilyn said...

Love sales...but hate having to "read the fine print"...which has gotten much smaller over the years. Just have a sale and be done with it!

Happy Dance said...

been there. ordered that. today. hahahahaha! bkb

Brenda said...

I'm missing a lot.....in so many ways. lol You are an enabler my friend! I'm going to go have a look see and dream....Hugs, Brenda

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

"Proof that bears sit in the woods"
Oh yeah, that really cracked me up, Michele
and I have coffee on my screen to prove it.
Ha ha ha. Damn, why didn't I think of that first ;o)