Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Up, up and away!

I thought I'd have a dozen or so cards to post after yesterday's class... then Monday happened =]  Yeesh... I guess it could have been worse. 

After actually painting along with Jennifer, Laura, and Kristina [how cool is that?] I let everything dry nicely and then the hate set in. 

I had no luck with the stencil but know that it's totally my own fault and not Jenn's - she has incredible teaching skills.  I don't think I left it wet enough for the color to pool under the stencil.  I'll be giving that another chance.

Next, Laura.  Oh Laura how I covet your. . . supplies =[  I have two [don't hate me] Distress Ink pads.  I've only ever used the Orange Marmalade at Halloween and the Brick Red...?  So I did my best, but you'll see the shape of my acrylic block made a difference, too.  Then there's that oops - see it? 
Kristina's process was one I was familiar with so I'll share a little something I put together that I'll call a fusion of several methods:

To me?  It doesn't get much better than coloring, and paper dolls =]


Amy Rohl said...

Love, love, love! Tell me how I can follow your blog for updates!!

I Card Everyone said...

Amy! You now know how new I am to this =] And you, a seasoned pro, asking me how to follow =] If I only knew! But you somehow found your way here... thanks for all the compliments - they mean everything to me.