Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another sentiment-al day =]

Yesterday was wonderful.  Today, I'm faced with an extraordinary stack of cards that need to be dealt with.  By that I mean finished.  I write a personal sentiment for each card, then it gets packaged inside a cellophane envelope with an envelope, or box if dimensional, and a copy of the inside sentiment tucked into the outside so it doesn't have to be opened to be read.  Phew!

I have around 150 cards packaged at this moment, with another twenty or so here...  I'm wondering about selling them in a craft fair.  So.  Does anyone else do this?  Successfully? =]  I haven't purchased a greeting card of any kind in about five years.  So, when I see the prices in the stores, I wonder how anyone can afford to attach a gift!  Please share! 

Here is my pre-packaged 'mess.' 

Funny thing about that chicken...  I sometimes submit to the sketch challenges, we've talked about that.  I won't mention which one, just because I don't want to embarrass myself.  I thought the sketch was of a really far-out, funky looking chicken... turns out it was not.  Go figure.  I happen to like far-out, funky chickens =]
Go stuff your envelopes, Michele =[


Michelle said...

I happen to like far out funky chickens also! Great card! I have sold a few of my cards to people at work, but not at craft fairs. I am always told I should charge more (I usually charge about $4 per card), but I'm happy with that price, and the shop cards are all around $8 - $15 (which is ridiculous!).

I Card Everyone said...

Thanks, Michelle... also for the advice. And, since you are also a far out funky chicken lover, I'd love to know if you saw the chicken in the CAS(e) this Sketch #73... um, not the model =] but the sketch =]