Monday, August 4, 2014

Some things rub off.

I'll never think of Tom and how his sense of humor is lost on some people.  His favorite thing to do when he hears a phrase - like "surely you jest" - is to say " I went to school with a Shirley U. Jest.  Yes.  After twenty years, some things do rub off.

When Melissa posted her contribution to this week's CASology Cue - Rainbow:

I couldn't help commenting: "I went to school with a Roy G. Biv!"  My own take on a design from Emily Leiphart - For Melissa:

I will always remember Roy as a very colorful guy =]


May Park said...

What a clever take on Rainbow. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us at CASology.

Emily Leiphart said...

Your card is so fun, Michele! I love how you were inspired by the challenge to use your peek-a-boos in a colourful way!

Taunya Butler said...

You knocked this one out of the park - so COOL and Clever!!! You are punny and it sounds like your husband is too!! So fun to learn yet another cool thing about you!! Great, great job on your cards!!

Anita in France said...

What fun, Michele ... such gorgeously bold and vibrant colour blocks ... so eyecatching! Anita :)