Monday, February 1, 2016

Muse Card Making Club #151

Ardyth mentioned a little card-game over here, right?  Oh yes, it is my mid-Winter, this girl's-gotta-have-fun challenge!  Are you ready? 

For those of you who didn't play last year, here is my 2015 card - see if you can guess the song title [no cheating!]  we'll wait 'til you're back ...................................... okay, time's up!!

Here is my 2016 Song Title for Muse #151 - name this tune:

It's too easy, isn't it.  Well it's time you got your thinking cap on, and to design your own that will stump us all:
    • any style - CAS or layered
    • any color - patterned paper if you choose!
    • with die-cuts - or none at all
    • anything goes! as long as there is a song in your heart, and conveyed on your card! 
Why, yes, there is a little prize involved.   Yes, there are rules!

Rule 1: YOU must post a card ... THEN, guess my song title in your post!
Rule 2:  no sentiment on the outside of the card that would give your song title away.  We'll all be giving you our guesses to your cards in our comments to your post!
Are you into it?  HOPE SO!!!  We had 59 cards posted with the last song challenge!  I can't wait to sing along! 

=]  Michele xx 


Chriss Blagrave said...
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I Card Everyone said...

Hello Muse players! Though I adore your comments here, please do not guess my song title YET but in your very own posts! I cannot wait to sing your cards!
=] Michele xx

Maria Rodriguez said...

Yikes Michele!! this is going to be a fun challenge to participate, my mind is full of ideas and a few guesses to your song.
Thank you for the chance to win.
I'm off to try to figure this out.

sandie said...

This is a tough one! Love the pink..obviously!! Hope I have time to play xx

sandie said...

Got it...I think!!

Jeanne J. said...

Clean and beautiful! You took a word that I mostly associate with Christmas and turned it into a pretty Valentine, and yes.. I'm singing here... down in my heart.. down in my heart! LOL!!

Cat Craig said...

I think I got it and I won this one last year so not entering this time. Your heart in the middle of your last joy did it. Fun!

Lisa Elton said...

Okay...I'm bain is fried today LOL! I'll be thinking on it though. Cute card, I like the wee pop of red!

Lisa Elton said...

Hmmm, I might have it...lightbulb moment here!!

Maria Rodriguez said...

Hi there Michele: Ok, I just posted my card, gosh!! I hope I did this right and I hope you like my song. It's like a hymn for me, I just love the lyrics and the way this fabulous singer sings it.
This was an inspired challenge, I love it!!!

Janet a.k.a. swanlady21 said...

Love your card! I have posted my guess in the second sentence on my blog - you must be a speed reader and missed it.

Tracey McNeely said...

Love this bright and pretty beauty, my migraine head is drawing a complete blank!

Bobby said...

I know the answer to yours, Michele. Now if I can only come up with something of my own so I can tell you.

cm said...

Hello wonderful, amazing, ever patient Michele! Hanging my head in shame at being so behind in commenting; as I mentioned in my recent "poor me" newsletter, life’s been supremely hectic, what with work, travel (which involved work…crazy amounts!), DT commitments (which I’ve fallen behind in, too) and a plethora of other stuff! I hope that my ‘thought bubbles of love’ for all your cards have reached you, because I send them frequently! Starting with a fresh slate with a goal to staying caught up. Your Muse card is fantastic, and yeppers, I know the song..woo hoooo! Guess that means I 'have' to play along. think of a tune of my own..hmmmm!
Hugs and love coming at you~c

Rahmat said...

Hi Michelle, I thought I left a comment here, but it was at Muse ;) I love this challenge- a challenge within a challenge!!
Regarding your question about the paper, I buy my paper locally, thank fully I have plenty of great card stocks available. It is a Japanese brand, and all my card stocks are 220gsm. It is perfect for sewing, as it won't give away.
Thanks for the lovely inspiration, I love your card with the bright pink.

Anita in France said...

Oh Michele, you just know I'm going to LOVE this ... all that gorgeous joy ... and that single high impact heart ... stunning, my friend! I'm so far behind in everything that I wasn't going to make any more cards till I was up to date ... but how could I miss this?? MUST play along!! Hugs, Anita :)

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

sorry, no guessing for me - I have absolutely no idea. Did not grow up here and am not into pop music at all. But your card is super! I'm playing along anyhow....

Brenda said...

My mind isn't working because I have no clue as to what the song is. lol But that's ok, because this card is just fabulous. I love the pinks and the heart in the last joy. Hugs, Brenda