Friday, November 21, 2014

Curtain Call Inspiration Challenge: Pin Cushion

The Curtain Call challenge for this week has pin cushions for inspiration and this adorable photo:

So.  [This is the way my brain works]  It immediately brought to mind my wonderful Mom, and all the sewing she did for six girls and countless dolls, too.  Next, I think of little mice sewing a ball-gown and start humming the song from Cinderella "So this is love"... go to YouTube immediately to find it... and maybe waltzing a bit over to the coffee pot... to have coffee as I peruse the gallery.  I see some really cute sentiments using "Sew" for "So".... SOOOOooooo then I remember this ribbon I bought nearly three years ago, from somewhere, for cheap, and mostly because it reminded me of Mom.  There.  I made it full circle!
If you'd made it to this point, congratulations?  =/
For Mom, Pin Cushion and Curtain Call:  "So [sew] this is love!"
How about that little stick-pin kiss?  I've also used a beautiful little slip of ivory vellum that brought to mind those delicate little tissue patterns from Simplicity, McCall's, and Vogue that Mom used for our darling dresses.... OH! Betsy McCall!  Here I go again...... and who makes
Valentine's in November??
And mom:
My darling little French-Canadian-American mom, Lola, on top. Circa 1920-something.
Mmm, mm, mm, mmmmm....


~amy~ said...

Your card and tag...super sweet!
the photo...gorgeous.

Anita in France said...

Lovely story, Michele ... gorgeous tag card ... fabulous photo! Magnifique! Anita :)

Bobby said...

Think of it as a love note to your Mom and not a valentine and November is a perfect time, Michele. So many wonderful elements and memories tied up in one little beautiful tag.

Tracey McNeely said...

Oh I love how you think, thanks for the journey! A perfect inspired card for pin cushion Michele!! Thank you...wait for it...SEW much for sharing with us at the Curtain Call!

Brenda said...

I love the way you think Michele! I loved walking down that journey with you reliving memories of your mother. Your card is the perfect little tribute to your mother and I am in love with it! The ribbon is so darling, I love the vellum to mimic the tissue paper of the patterns that we all know and loved. The "kiss" with the stick pins is brilliant!! As for who makes Valentines in November, YOU and why not make them?!! Your mother was beautiful, I think you look like your mother. Hugs, Brenda

I Card Everyone said...

Brenda... the last line of your comment makes me happier than you'll ever know...thank you!

Kim Heggins said...

I love your sweet photo...just so adorable, your mom is so pretty. And your tag card is just all the red.

Kathryn Lorenzini said...

Love this post. What an amazing photo. The 20's are my fav period, I think, in Am. and W. Euro history. Wow. Were you raised speaking French?-- and how, how do you have a mama born before the 20's or 6 grandkids-- you don't look a day over 40 in your bio pic!! My mom sewed for me too-- kind of absorbed it. Love your project and post. Having a nice time going back in time on your blog! xo